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Solar Site Survey

Why do you need a site survey before Solar Installation?

The installation of solar panels has increased at a great pace since recent years. Solar Installation has proven to be very efficient and environment-friendly in long-term use. Solar panels are installed generally on the rooftop of the building or household to ensure a continuous supply of sunlight.

These panels form a DC connection with the AC converter of the building. The solar energy is converted into electrical energy by the panels and stored in the form of AC in the inverter.

The installation of solar panels demands professional assistance, along with several other requirements. One of such an essential requirement is the solar site survey.

What is the Solar Site Survey?

Checking whether the installation sites suitable for the required purpose of proper supply of sunlight for the generation of electricity is known as a site survey. You know the following things by performing a precise site survey - 

1. The detailed information about the location is provided by a site survey. It enables us to know whether the location is suitable for the installation of solar panels or not?
2. The size of the roof along with the roof slant - plays a vital role in resulting in the efficiency of the solar panel installation system.
3. The areas that are observed to fall under the shadow region are estimated. Shadow fall may result in less efficiency of the complete solar panel arrangements.
4. The type of underpinning required for the solar panels is determined by the solar site survey.
5. The location of the AC converter and DC converter plays a vital role in the overall modulation of the Solar Panel system. Along with these, technical instruments an extra site survey inverter is also required. The proper place for these systems can be estimated only through the site survey.
6. The number of energy requirements varies according to the needs of the building, or house, this relies on the survey performed before the installation of solar panels.
7. The solar site survey will help us to generate a way to connect the current electrical system with the solar PV system. Without the establishment of this connection in a stratified manner, their solar panel installation will be of no use.

The site survey is to be performed before the installation process. All the details provide us with rectifiable data to undergo the installation process adequately.

What actions are performed during the site survey?

The inclination of Solar PV: The solar panels must be set up in such a way that they receive the maximum coverage of sunlight during the day.
Roof Structure Inspection: The size and attributes of the roof are determined, the corresponding measures are undertaken according to the structure of the roof before solar installation.

The factors to be considered while inspection of the roof structure is
1. Dimensions of the roof
2. The inclination of the roof
3. Material with which the rooftop is constructed
4. The direction of the roof
Shading the estimation of the site: The site must have a large area covered with the sunlight for a long time duration. The area in which the shadow falls will not prove to be effective for solar panel installation. A solar site survey studies about the shading region, and thus, help in obtaining maximal results post solar panel installation.
● Loading Analysis: It provides the overall analysis of the loading of required instruments such as DC and AC converters. The total usage of the electricity is cover out - this will assist the overall generation of electricity and will also provide a rough idea about the units of electricity that can be saved.
Financial Analysis: Government has released many incentives and financial aids for the Solar Panel System Users. The overall cost of installing and the economic viability of the system will help in receiving the better financial output.
All the points regarding solar site survey are discussed briefly in the above points. Undergoing a site survey will ensure that the installation process is carried out with the most efficiency.

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