Solar Rooftop

Solar Rooftop 

At Ceyone Solar we build efficient and sustainable solar rooftop systems to help our client avail
a great deal on electricity bills. We are one of the leading solar rooftop solution providers in
India. With the use of high precision products and components from globally recognised technology providers we deliver solutions that are at par with industry standards and match the client

Benefits of solar power plant​

- Reduce electricity bills or revenue generate.
- Create revenue from unused roof space.
- Get Credit Units from solar power generation and get credit bills from utility (Torrent/GEB).
- On Long run above 25 years.
- Get subsidy from Gujarat Government and Central Government (as per Government Policy).
- Get your installation investment Payback within 2.5 years to 3.5 years.
- Get depreciation and GST benefits in Industrial & commercial.
- Loan Will Be Available through Nationalise & Private Banks
- Increase the value of your property.
- Day by Day the prices of Electricity Power Bills increases, so use of Solar Power protects from it.
- For Industrial and commercial manufacturing of products, Role of Electricity which is used  through solar generated power will give you more profit margin.

Environment Benefits

- It contributes in reducing global warming and climate change.
- Reduce carbon footprint.
- Positively affect your community by producing clean energy.
- 1 KWp of Solar Power Plant would reduce roughly 1 tone of CO2 per year.
- 1 KWp Solar Power Plant is equal to Planting 3 trees in a year, It is a fruitful contribution to the country.

Features and required Application for solar power plant

- System needs space of only 75 sq ft for 1 KW.
- Install Solar Rooftop at Home, Apartments, Office, Educational Institute, NGO, Industrial Factories, Hospital, Hotel, Mall & Commercial Complex and unused spaces, etc

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