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Solar Electical Installation Work Services:

ctrical installation is one of the important aspects, once solar power plant product land to the site suggested by client. A handful of solar technicians are required for systematic electrical installation. A complete residential/commercial solar electric system requires components to produce electricity, convert power into alternating current that can be used by home/business appliances, store excess electricity and maintain safety.

one Solar are a team of engineers who can install any solar electrical components as per the client requirement. We do not only install but we also recommend the best available product on the market which can be durable and quality assured.

Our engineers are skilled and highly experienced in their specific field; According to the technicality of solar electrical components installation, our engineers manage complex installation without any difficulty.

All the industries are always looking for the finest electrical installation and maintenance services so that they can resolve the electrical fault soon. Ceyone Solar are explicitly into the solar electrical components installation of,

  • PV Panels – [Sunlight to DC Power]
  • Charge Controller
  • Module Mounting equipment
  • Inverters – [DC Power to AC Power]
  • Storage Batteries
  • Distribution boards
  • Tracking mounts
  • Switches Boards
  • PV Cables
  • Fuse box connections
  • Combiner boxes
  • Utility power meters
  • Lighting Arresters, and
  • Earthing, etc

Ceyone Solar install solar components on time and having records of the project execution on time without any trouble. Before installation, our qualified engineers do the survey then after we provide the solution. Our engineers do the installation as per the guideline recommended by the associated field.

We support in developing solar energy solutions for residential and businesses across the vertical including commercial establishments like petrol pumps, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, industrial units, government buildings, and banks etc.